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BYBI Co-Founders Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford equally emblemize ethics and innovation.

In 2015, these two London-based entrepreneurs bonded over a shared passion for clean beauty and lifestyle and launched the trend-setting blog, podcast, book, and Instagram account, Clean Beauty Insiders. They featured D.I.Y. recipes and touted an industry-leading natural perspective on skincare. Building on this partnership, they co-founded BYBI in 2017. In order to maintain the integrity of “100% Vegan Active Skin Nourishment,” the duo formulated every product in-house, supervising their own chemist and high-quality natural ingredients in innovative formulations addressing overall skin health rather than specific skincare concerns.


Boasting a comprehensive range of highly efficacious skincare, BYBI includes masks, moisturisers, boosters, and more. The Unilever-backed line immediately resonated with consumers at mega-retailers Sephora and Boots across the UK and Europe as well as Revolve, ASOS, and direct-to consumer via their own website at an affordable price point.


BYBI is the first beauty brand to declare a war on carbon, the number one contributor to the climate crisis, creating their own in-house auditing system, The Susty Score, to assess their entire supply chain.

With a major push into the United States marketplace in 2020, Elsie and Dominika set a worldwide precedent for clean and sustainable beauty. BYBI’s mission is to make sustainable skincare easy and accessible for everyone. Elsie and Dominika believe that great skincare should not come at the cost of the planet and are not willing to compromise on either product performance or sustainability. At BYBI, sustainability is a need to have, not a nice to have.