Photographer Credit - Emily Edgar



Lara the founder behind Love from Lila, creates wedding and celebration cakes in an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable way, without compromising on luxury. Lara works with clients across Surrey, Hampshire, London and wider who are looking for a more sustainable cake option which still looks and tastes phenomenal. There’s no pressure to be more or less sustainable when clients work with her, but she’s always on hand to provide guidance and suggestions.

Lara sources ingredients very intentionally for her business, ensuring that she can minimise harm but also do some good through the products she buys. Therefore most ingredients used meet one or more industry standards or eco benchmarks e.g. Fairtrade, ethically sourced, free-range, local, organic. Her cake designs are unique to each client, and are very minimalist, making a feature of the naturally inspired decorations chosen, such as seasonal fruits or locally grown and pesticide free flowers. Lara work in a low waste way, ensuring she cook exactly what is needed, ingredients aren’t wasted, single-use plastic is minimised, and any packaging coming into or out of the kitchen can be recycled or biodegraded rather than go to landfill.

Lara offers a very professional service, so that her clients feel confident and delivers exactly as promised on the day. This includes limiting her availability to just 1 or 2 cakes per week. Additionally, clients can order samples directly from the website, and for most events, she will set up a short consultation call so that she can fully understand her client’s celebration, what flavours and designs they like, and pull together a custom sketch and detailed cake quote for them.

Lara has received the Great Taste Award and has been shortlisted for a number of other industry awards, as well as being featured in many industry publications.