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'We believe that a coconut as a symbol, has the power to change the world.'


It might sound a bit ridiculous, however, when you think about what the humble coconut actually symbolises, it does become a little clearer...


Coconuts are grown organically in abundance without the need for fertilisers that pollute our waterways. They feed us, hydrate us and when we are done with them, you can simply throw them back into nature to become part of the earth again in no time… Better still, they can be up-cycled into coconut bowls, coconut candles, tea lights, plant pots, all of which can be used over and over again. 


As for the cherry on top, a coconut is a reminder of paradise. Eating from a coconut bowl can take us back to our own favourite memories of it, all the while causing a natural urge to eat fresh, healthy food! It teaches us how much value natural products have, and their importance in making this world a better place - It inspires a healthy lifestyle not only for us, but for the planet too!

Cocabana’s epic coconuts are sourced from a local, family run business in Vietnam. A part of the world where coconuts grow in such abundance that small farms and farmers, after selling the water and the flesh, simply cannot dispose of the waste. 


Huge mountains of coconuts are stacked on top of each other and are left to rot, they're burnt as charcoal or the farmers pay to dispose of them! This is where Cocabana come in. 


Their partners in Vietnam will pay a fair price for their coconut 'waste', creating a line of income where there was otherwise none. Supporting local communities in the process! The coconuts are then handcrafted by local artisans into bowls, candles and other stunning items. It's worth noting that the candles are made from soy wax and don't contain any of the volatile compounds either. 


So to conclude on this little coconut journey...You can see why a coconut is held in such high regard, and why it is often referred to as 'the tree of life'!


Cocabana are simply here to spread the message that a coconut really has the power to change the world.