KCHossack Pottery table and serveware is a London based ceramic company. The product designs are inspired by natures silhouette of flowers and plants. Karin thinks of her scalloped edges more as the organic curve of flower petals as they open and transform, responding to the elements. Her choice of colours are stimulated by the colours of these flowers and plants, a quest into the natural world and its beauty. The names that she chooses for her colours often refer to flower names and the ethos of natures temperament. Pink, white and blue are ever-present in her colour charts with the addition of changes twice a year leaning toward pastels and brights for spring/summer and a muted palette with primary colours in autumn/winter.


The white stoneware body that Karin wares are crafted from is taken from the earth here in the UK. She has chosen to work with stoneware in order to assure that the edges of her delicately hand cut scallops will withstand the repetition of every day use with the added bonus that her wares have strength and are dishwasher safe.  As in nature what is required to invoke a plant to grow are the elements of earth and water along with a rhythm of time.


Karin finds there is a similarity in creating each plate and bowl. She forms her pieces by the traditional methods of hand building. Time seems to slow when this tender clay is drying, nature will not be hurried along. The next stage of sending these forms to the kilns requires a program of hours and days. Crafting ceramic wares is not for the impatient! Each piece is lovingly made by her self and is virtually one of a kind. 


When all is complete and a kiln has cooled and opened the next stage begins. She take the greatest pleasure in creating a tablescape patterned with a variety of  stacked bowls and plates in a potpourri of edges and colours. This concept works in a multitude of ways, a short stack or a tall stack, colours that are tonally blended or wildly varied all work to create a visually exciting base for any table setting.

With her varied ‘scalloped’ edges she seek to bring nature on to the table, whether it be a simple breakfast or an elaborate dinner party, these handmade pieces will never fail to secure an admiring comment.