Ksoni is a Sanskrit word that means “Earth”, with a mission to reduce single-use plastic in the bathroom through shampoos, conditioners and body washes housed in the humble aluminium can! They use natural ingredients infused with essential oils so their formulations are vegan, cruelty-free, SLS, sulphate & paraben free & suitable for a wide variety of hair & skin types.

After learning that 90% of products are recycled in the kitchen but only 50% are recycled in the bathroom, Banasa & Joti noticed there weren’t many plastic-free options suitable for kinky, coily or curly hair textures. So Ksoni provides sustainability and inclusivity with packaging that can easily be recycled at home. Why aluminium cans? It’s infinitely, easily recyclable and one of the lightest containers to transport. Plus each can you place in a recycling bin can be back on the shelf within 60 days.


Joti & Banasa’s individual experiences tackling plastic waste and its impact on the earth was the inspiration to start the business. For Joti it was witnessing an immense amount of plastic waste during a dive trip in South East Asia in 2017 after several years working in large consulting firms with huge eco footprints. She returned to the UK with a renewed drive to cut plastic out of her life after seeing first-hand the impact it is having on our beautiful oceans. After making a number of easy changes in the kitchen like cutting out single-use plastic bags and using refillable cleaning products, she realised that there are very limited options to cut plastic in the bathroom, especially in the shower.

For Banasa it was working in health & wellness businesses throughout her career. She observed growing numbers of consumers who wanted to purchase products that made a positive impact on the environment but felt they were lacking in options that actually worked for their diverse bodies or lifestyles. Having made her own natural shampoos and conditioners for several years, she also wanted to overcome the stigma around eco-friendly products being of lesser quality than their mass produced counterparts.

When they first met in 2018, they immediately hit it off and within months had decided to launch a natural beauty brand together, setting a huge challenge to launch a plastic-free product, which is no easy feat in the bathroom!