Makara wear is a European sustainable swimsuit and apparel brand geared towards independent and adventurous women who value fashion, comfort and elegance. Makara wear's designers have worked very hard to create a product that is simple, yet sophisticated – with modern women and their needs in mind.


The founder of Makara wear studied fashion design in London, worked as a stylist in Magazines like Vogue and Dazed & Confused; moved to Bali for its weather, surfing and nature. She was inspired by the 70’s surf look and decided to create her own line of swimwear. Now her focus is to leave as little foot print on earth with toxic materials and old habits as possible.


Preserving the resources and protecting the purity of planet Earth is the most significant concern, so they use every opportunity to advocate for eco-friendly fashion and promote responsible shopping to customers. They believe that conscious spending is a step toward a better future for all.


In contrast to commercial fast-fashion and massive global production, they nurture timeless design, artisanal craft with attention to detail, and small batch production.


Globally, fashion is the second-most polluting industry, after mining, and has a major influence on climate change. That knowledge motivates Makara Wear, as a fashion eCommerce company, to lead positive change by limiting their carbon and plastic footprint through individually handcrafted sustainable pieces. 


The suits are made using top Recycled Nylon Lycra ECONYL® . Recycled ECONYL - made from regenerated ocean plastic material and harvested from discarded fishing nets material and have been tested in various waters and weather conditions.


The pieces are made in beautiful simple cuts, that promises comfort and simplicity all made from recycled or organic materials. Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and we plan to run out of stock. Everything is cut, sewn by human hand, and every person involved in production works in comfortable, safe conditions.


They have created a stylish organic cotton line with the world and you in mind. Their cotton is locally grown in Java, Indonesia and is biodegradable.


Every day they take action to lower their impact on the environment and to respect nature and the people they work with.