Maria is an illustrator and designer who works primarily in the Events sector, and her beautiful creations include wedding stationary, private event signage, personal commissions, illustrated websites and digital work for posters, social media and web usage.  No project is too small and clients range from small independent brands to high profile names.


Known for her versatility, Maria works across mediums and is flexible with styles, working with each client’s bespoke brief to capture the unique vibe of the event and create the right feel for the piece, combining watercolour, with gouache and pastels, as well as digital tools.


Maria works hard to be as sustainable as possible, working on an easel made of 100% FSC oiled beechwood and primarily using natural honey-based watercolours, (though she also has a range of vegan, plant-based paints). Drawing inks used do not contain animal products or animal-derived ingredients and nearly all of her paint brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic available (rather than animal hair).


Waste is kept to a minimum in the design of stationery sets and invitations - off cuts and waste printed paper are reused and recycled, and the majority of invitations commissioned with external printers are produced on FSC accredited paper (sourced from managed forests). In her studio, she only uses a cartridge-free eco-tank printer which is also more energy efficient.


Maria Mekhael Design & Illustration is carbon positive  - the carbon footprint of the business is offset via a contribution to tree-planting initiatives through Ecologi.