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At Pinstripes and Peonies, they know they are lucky to work with a natural product. Working with flowers, they see the impacts of climate change as the seasonality of flowers changes as soaring temperatures see dahlias arriving five months too early. They are dedicated to doing better. Pinstripes and Peonies believe in a simple swap ethos and buying seasonally from UK growers whenever they can. 


They work with a community philosophy that allows them to create a sustainable life-cycle for their flowers. Whether that's working to source locally grown flowers or being the biggest donor to Floral Angels (who also work from their unit) and take event and wedding flowers and repurpose them for hospices and care homes. 


Their simple swaps include not using oasis products where possible, working with no-water venues to find solutions to the 'oasis problem' and sourcing plastic-free alternatives to cellophane made from wood pulp.

At Pinstripes and Peonies they are always striving to do better; sustainability is a journey that we all need to take. For them, ensuring eco-friendly practices take place in their work is an essential strategy within their brand.