POAN is a luxury, sustainable fashion brand based in London. The acronym, inspired by J.A. Hammerton’s novel, stands for ‘Peoples Of All Nations’ and signifies not just a brand name but an approach to life and belief system – one that is inclusive and accepting of all peoples, no matter their ethnicity, colour or sex, set on breaking down barriers instead of building them. The brand’s strapline ‘Harmony Through Diversity’ perfectly encapsulates this ethos.


The head designer and founder, Georg Weissacher, launched POAN in 2017 after a nine-year tenure as Vice Head of Menswear at Vivienne Westwood. A philosophical and thoughtful soul, Georg seeks to distinguish POAN with a focus on sustainability and traditional Italian artisanship, having built a tight-knit relationship with family-run workshops in Florence where all the clothing is lovingly made by hand. Signature pieces combine knit and woven elements of the same yarn, a novel technique that ensures a supremely tailored yet comfortable fit - a proud pillar of POAN´s ability to innovate.


Rather than following the traditional seasonal fashion cycle, POAN develops and drops six Limited Edition ‘Love Collections’ a year – these are always themed around a specific topic (an example being the ‘SINAI Collection’ which takes inspiration from Ancient Egypt) and are limited in production with a maximum of only ten to fifteen pieces made of each item.


POAN has recently launched a year-long, seasonless ‘CLASSICS Collection’ which reflects the same ethos and creativity seen in each Love Collection, yet also honours the behaviour and needs of a modern global customer.


An indispensable element of how POAN communicates its mission and vision is through the use of high-end, short films to showcase the collection in a story-telling format rather than via more traditional runway shows.


POAN’s philosophy is to ‘make something once and well’ and takes a threefold approach to Sustainability – Ethical, Environmental and Social – constantly striving to improve in each.


The brand loves animals (indeed Georg is a vegetarian himself!). As such, when it comes to Ethical Sustainability, the brand never uses any fur, leather or feathers in any of its products and never harms any animals in the production of its clothing.


Environmentally, POAN’s packaging (which is re-used in house), is sourced sustainably and is recyclable. The brand reduces waste in a number of ways ranging from taking a “handmade” approach in cutting and pattern cutting to reworking leftover stock fabrics from the industry and reinterpreting their own stock.


Whilst when it comes to Social Sustainability, POAN focuses on working with small, often family run artisan workshops in Italy, with whom Georg has strong and personal relationships. This helps the brand to not only guarantee the superior quality of its luxury products, but also to know that fair work environments are in place for all those involved - from sourcing to production and manufacturing through to logistics and the team headquartered in London.


POAN is also proud to have been accredited by ‘Positive Luxury’, whose Butterfly Mark identifies luxury brands that meet the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance, offering transparency at points of sale and equipping customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Companies contribute to their own sustainability in different forms, so each brand is assigned a bespoke collection of Positive Actions that signifies their unique efforts, illustrating their sustainable and ethical business practices in a simple and consumer-friendly way.