Social Pantry X Elysia are the go-to London caterer for events and weddings. They are passionate about creating food that is seasonal, sustainable, and delicious and have worked with some pretty amazing clients; feeding people like David Attenborough, Gigi Hadid, and even Hillary Clinton.

The company pride themselves on their conscientious approach to employment, sustainability and social enterprise. They work responsibly with suppliers and employees to ensure the very best service is provided with minimal impact to our surroundings. Being a small company, it’s hard to operate completely green systems throughout; however, they are doing their best and ensure all the suppliers they employ have a similar way of thinking and strive to decrease food waste and their plastic consumption.

From the initial event brief through to the event itself, Social Pantry X Elysia’s experienced team of London professionals work hard to ensure they deliver more than delicious food. Their sustainability sourced, bespoke menus make for a memorable event experience. They take pride in the fact that each and every catering event is delivered with the highest level of care and understanding. They can help bring ideas to life, delivering high quality, delicious food with style and cater for a wide array of fantastic events, weddings, clients and brands in London.