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Luxury hand-poured, eco-friendly scented candles. No paraffin, no palm oil; just 100% natural wax and beautiful perfume. The Little Light Company was founded with one goal in mind: creating beautiful scented candles made with 100% sustainable, plant-based wax.

Each of their artisanal candles are hand-poured in small batches in their London workshop, and contain no paraffin, no palm oil and no beeswax. They use only the finest plant-based wax, made from rapeseed and coconut oils, and sourced in Europe. In comparison to the soy wax blends often used in candle-making, both of these crops are highly sustainable and have no issues with intensive farming or GMO presence. Soy wax candles are also all too often blended with palm oil to stabilize them, and the negative repercussions of palm farming on forests and wildlife are widely known. 

The absence too, of any form of paraffin in their candle wax, means that Little Light Company products are clean-burning for the home space, more important than ever now that we are all spending so much time there. Say goodbye to the ugly black rings around the top of your candle glass, there are no petroleum by-products found here! The Little Light Company candles are also naturally vegan, ideal for those looking to make more environmentally conscious choices in their day to day lives.

Their clean and classic packaging is entirely recyclable, and they use a heavy based whiskey tumbler made from Italian glass for each of their full sized-candles. Once your candle has come to the end of its life, simply scoop out the remaining wax, rinse the glass out thoroughly, and then enjoy your favourite tipple!

The Little Light Company candles come in a range of stunning fragrances, from fresh to floral, woody to citrus, and we are confident that you will find your perfect home fragrance with them. Their full-sized, 30cl candles burn for approximately 40 hours, and they also offer a bespoke scent service for events and weddings. 

Try their products today, and #shinealittlelight in your corner of the world!