The Small Home philosophy celebrates the slow, the mindful and the sustainable.


They offer beautifully-crafted interior, lifestyle and clothing pieces, each as individual as the talented people who make them. The result is products with provenance and gifts that feel good to give.


From sustainable homeware, simple handmade ceramics and washed table linen, to natural handmade brushes and sustainably-sourced wooden boards & utensils. Natural and organic wellness products add relaxation to bathing rituals. Their soft handwoven hammam towels and hand-knotted Portuguese bathmats are beautifully tactile.


Gifts for living spaces include: velvet and washed linen cushions, natural sheepskins rugs and Donegal blankets; candles add calm; and handwoven baskets and recycled glass vases to embrace nature with plants and flowers.


They offer ethically-produced footwear, accessories and clothing, including heirloom Mohinders City Slippers, Columbian Wayuu bags and gold jewellery, made to treasure. The aesthetic is pared-back and understated. By taking inspiration from the Japanese Wabi Sabi concept – seeing the beauty in imperfections – The Small Home hails the handmade, the natural and the unique.


In fact, they think less is more and that’s why they’re committed to supporting small, socially responsible craftspeople and producers and go to great lengths to make their offering as sustainable as possible.


All of this means that these gifts can be enjoyed all the more for knowing that they have been ethically sourced and produced.


Through all that The Small Home has to offer, they celebrate simple, life-enhancing pleasures.