Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel exists in harmony with Nature. It was conceived and fashioned in perfect balance with its surroundings. Each of its fifteen (15) Rooms and eighteen (18) Villas/Townhouses is decorated in its own unique style and has been designed for a different sensory experience.


The development of the hotel design has always considered the surrounding landscape harmony. Materials such as regional stone, pebble, glass, and wood prevail - with natural finishing, and polished concrete. These materials and decoration have come together to produce a unique spellbinding space.  You can readily pick up on several of the cultural and geographical inspirations:  India, Morocco, the African savannah – all romantic spaces - some more rustic, others more sophisticated. Olive trees, reeds, wooden poles arranged in the shape of labyrinths, all bring about the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, letting us breathe in Nature wherever we are. 


This hotel is an ecological place that applies the principles of sustainable tourism: energy efficiency, renewable energies, and the use of natural resources.


All types of accommodation are for non-smokers and do not have air-conditioning. Their spirit cherishes the pure air! Following their sustainability policy, they pride themselves on using an alternative heating and cooling system. Therefore, their acclimatisation system uses geothermal energy, to heat and cool the floors, taking advantage of the Earth’s internal temperature.