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Hosted at London's iconic Kol Restaurant, our client wanted her birthday to be a 'Celebration of Life,' incorporating her interest in crystals, the meaning of Positive Affirmations, and Gratitude - all things we at Living For Tomorrow also love to focus on. Each guest was gifted a different crystal, with the meaning behind it written on the back of their name card, and we created a 'Wish Tree' for everyone to write their own personalized note to Noura, for her to take home at the end of the evening as memories from the party.

The flowers used as a runner in the centre of the tables perfectly captured the warm tones of the Mexican restaurant. We focused on the seasonal autumnal colours of the month, and each guest took a hand-tied bouquet at the end of the night so no blooms were wasted, and each one had a second lease of life. We also had a surprise act - a tarot card reader who provided each diner with a personalised reading to truly encapsulate the spiritual theme of the event.



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