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Sophie & Oliver - Mallorca Wedding-46.jpg


Nestled in the heart of the beautiful countryside, just outside the charming town of Porreres, Sophie and Ollie celebrated their love against the backdrop of the golden Mallorcan sunlight. The event, graced with an aura of sophistication, was a Black Tie affair, where guests gathered in their most elegant attire. As the clock struck 5 pm, the ceremony began, bathed in the enchanting glow of the late afternoon sun. The 'First Kiss' was celebrated by confetti cannons, with white petals floating out and over the couple.

The reception commenced with the effervescent pop of champagne bottles, followed by a delectable array of canapés that teased the appetite. The main event, a sumptuous four-course dinner crafted by the renowned Fosh, began with an artfully presented starter, paving the way for Cacio e Pepe pasta. Guests were then treated to a choice of exquisite mains, featuring options of meat, fish, or a flavorful vegetarian dish. Then it was time for the colossal tiramisu, served alongside 12-foot-tall sparklers, a sweet and decadent finale that left everyone in awe. Amidst the courses, a surprise opera singer graced the evening, his melodic notes creating an atmosphere of sheer elegance.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, a Parisian import, the Coco band, took to the stage, serenading the guests and ushering them onto the dance floor. The venue transformed into a wonderland, with 50 hanging glitter balls above the dance floor, reflecting light all around the venue. Laughter and joy reverberated in the air as friends and family danced under the shimmering lights, celebrating love, life, and the promise of tomorrow.


As the evening progressed, a live-cooking pizza truck opened, ensuring that no one went hungry during their exuberant festivities. To immortalize the evening, a 360-degree video booth captured the final moments, giving the guests and the happy couple memories to cherish for a lifetime. In the heart of Porreres, amidst the laughter, music, and delectable aromas, we created a wedding experience that was as unique and extraordinary as Sophie and Ollie.

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