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A Magical Wedding Journey at Villa Porreres: Living For Tomorrow Crafts an Unforgettable Wedding

In the heart of Mallorca's scenic beauty, atop the rolling hills of Porreres, an enchanting tale unfolded under the warm Mediterranean sun. Living For Tomorrow, the creative minds behind this affair, orchestrated a wedding that transcended the realms of ordinary celebrations, transforming into a two-day extravaganza of love, sophistication, and meticulous design at the picturesque Villa Porreres. Every element, every bloom, and every moment was meticulously planned, promising an event that would be etched into the memories of all who attended.

The ceremony, a minimalist masterpiece, captured the essence of Villa Porreres' natural splendour. Against the backdrop of the natural surroundings and greenery, the couple exchanged their vows amidst two stunning floral columns adorned with seasonal white flowers and foliage. It was a moment suspended in time, where the harmony of love blended seamlessly with the serenity of nature. Living For Tomorrow's intentional choice to incorporate the beauty of the surroundings into the ceremony showcased their dedication to creating an experience that was not just visually stunning but also deeply connected to the environment. The chairs were natural wood, with fans laid out on each one to help guests with the hot September sun.

As the light began to change, casting a golden glow over the hills, the wedding party moved to the outdoor reception, the incredible facade of the Villa acting as a striking backdrop, followed by dinner. Under the soft glow of string lights, guests found themselves seated at long tables dressed in pristine white linens. The centrepiece, a work of art in itself, was an exquisite arrangement of pure white hydrangeas and candles, casting a warm and inviting ambiance over the festivities. The dinner, a culinary delight, was a testament to the couple’s discerning taste. The exquisite dishes delighted the senses, four courses were served to guests ensuring not a single person would ever go hungry. With laughter and joy echoing through the night, Living For Tomorrow's meticulous planning was evident in the seamless flow of the evening, from the first toast to the last dance.

The evening was full of surprises, from an Opera singer flown in from Rome, Coco Band from Paris, a live pizza truck for late night food and a 360 video booth usually found at red carpet events to give the guests, and the bride and groom memories to last a lifetime. As the night progressed, the dance floor came alive with the beats of a live band, and guests, dressed in their finest attire, twirled and swayed under the starlit sky. The venue, adorned with fairy lights and delicate drapery, seemed like a scene from a dream. The laughter of friends, the whispered conversations of couples, and the carefree giggles of children merged into a harmonious melody, creating an ambiance of pure bliss.

In the hands of Living For Tomorrow, Villa Porreres became more than just a venue; it became a canvas for an artful celebration. Each detail, from the delicate floral arrangements to the carefully curated menu, elevated the day and created a celebration fitting of the Black Tie dress code. The event stood as a testament to Living For Tomorrow's commitment to excellence, setting a standard for future celebrations. For any couple aspiring for a wedding that transcends the ordinary, Living For Tomorrow promises not just an event but an experience—an immersion into a world where love, beauty, and meticulous planning converge, creating moments that last a lifetime. Living For Tomorrow has redefined the art of wedding planning, and in the heart of Villa Porreres, their expertise truly shone, painting a picture of a dream wedding brought to life.

As the evening descended, the celebration seamlessly transitioned into the second day of festivities. The morning sun painted the sky with hues of pink and gold, signalling the beginning of yet another day filled with love and laughter. The guests were welcomed to three different paella stations to choose from, a wonderfully traditional gelato stand, an Aperol Spritz Bar, and a DJ playing for the entire afternoon to help them nurse their sore heads and be gone with any hangover! As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the landscape, the final soirée commenced. Beer pong, dancing, swimming and chatting, all the guests were beyond happy to be able to spend another day with the newlyweds, celebrating their incredible love for one and other.

In the heart of Villa Porreres, under the vast expanse of the night sky, Living For Tomorrow had not just organised a wedding; they had curated an experience. An experience where every detail, every moment, and every emotion were carefully woven together to create a tapestry of unforgettable memories. As the night drew to a close, and the guests bid farewell with smiles on their faces and warmth in their hearts, it was evident that this wedding was not just a celebration; it was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of thoughtful planning, and the magic of bringing dreams to life. Living For Tomorrow had not just crafted an event; they had created a legacy—a wedding that would be remembered, cherished, and talked about for generations to come.

In the gardens of Villa Porreres, love had found its perfect backdrop, and amidst the blooming flowers and twinkling stars, a story of eternal love had been written—a story that would be passed down through the ages, inspiring generations with its beauty and grace. And as the dawn of a new day broke, it illuminated not just the sky but also the hearts of everyone who had been a part of this magical journey, reminding them that love, when celebrated with passion and dedication, has the power to create moments that truly last forever.

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The Dream Team

Wedding Planner & Designer // Living For Tomorrow

Photographer // Marta D Weddings

Videographer // Marta D Weddings

Production // Lo Music

Florals // Ars Festum

Food & Drinks // Fosh

Venue // Villa Porreres

Stationary Design // Marka Mekhael

Wedding Dress // Monique lhuillier

Make Up & Hair Artist // Ausra Ruksene


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