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Dreamy Wedding in the Heart of Côte d'Azur: Where Romance Meets Elegance

We started planning this wedding in January 2022, the bride reached out and asked if planning a wedding by August that year would be possible, and we said - anything is possible. With seven months only, we knew we had to move quickly, and with a brilliant catalogue of wonderful suppliers all around the world, we were able to source an amazing team to work with us on her chosen day and move full steam ahead.

In the heart of the enchanting Côte d'Azur, where the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea meets the lush green of the French countryside, Lotti and Jonny celebrated a union that was as beautiful and unique as the landscape surrounding them. Their wedding was an elegant affair, with the design being led by a balance of organic and rustic influences, and atmospheric and rich candlelight and florals.

A Dress to Remember

The focal point of this magical day was undeniably Lotti and her exquisite Emma Beaumont bespoke dress. Crafted with meticulous care, the gown was a masterpiece, reflecting the essence of the bride herself – elegant, sophisticated, and one of a kind. The gown flowed like a cascade of silk, with delicate detailing that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. Lotti embodied the epitome of timeless beauty and grace.

Nature's Embrace: A Rustic yet Romantic Setting

The ceremony itself was full of love, led by a relative of the Groom’s which made it so much more personal, and seven blessings given to the couple by friends and family, each with a reading or carefully written words to send the couple off into married life with wisdom and support. The ceremony arch, adorned with the soft hues of seasonal roses and peonies, was created in such a way as to look completely natural and organically there, as though the flowers had been growing in the garden over time. The aisle, a rustic path adorned with Gaura, wild and untamed, mirrored the couple’s spirits – ready to embrace the unknown adventures of married life. The Gaura sprung straight from the grass, also as though it had been part of the garden for a long time. The entire concept was to mimic the natural surroundings without seeming contrived, and the result was beautiful.

A Feast for the Senses

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued with an opulent feast that tantalised the senses. With an open bar for both the reception and after party, incredible food pop up stations with chefs cooking live in front of guests, different cuisines and flavours which catered to the varied tastes of the guests, everything had been thought of. Signature cocktails, crafted with precision and creativity, became an instant hit, adding a touch of sophistication to the evening.

The reception, set against the backdrop of the glistening swimming pool and rolling hills, was a culinary extravaganza. Each canapé was a work of art, a fusion of French and Jewish traditions that celebrated the couple’s diverse backgrounds. The dinner, three courses, was served family style, large wooden boards of succulent slow cooked lamb, delicious roast potatoes, beautifully fresh salads, and of course followed by typically decadent French cheese platters, with crackers and fruit, truffles and jams.

Dancing Under the Stars

As night fell, the ambiance transformed into one of energy and excitement. Fairy lights twinkled like stars above the tables, and a full production install of LED strobes and uplighters cast a soft, golden glow upon the dance floor. The couple's first dance was a moment frozen in time, a surprise for the guests, as Coldplay was performed by the live band. Soon, the guests joined in, creating a kaleidoscope of movement beneath the night sky.

A live band and a skilled DJ took turns in serenading the guests, their music keeping everyone on their feet. The dance floor became a melting pot of cultures and ages, as guests from different corners of the world came together, celebrating love and life in the universal language of dance.

As the night waned, and the last notes of music faded away, the guests departed with hearts full of memories and a sense of having witnessed something truly extraordinary. Lotti and Jonny embarked on their journey as a married couple, their hearts brimming with love, their souls intertwined, and their minds filled with the beautiful moments of their wedding day.

Their wedding was not merely an event; it was a testament to the power of love, a celebration of unity, and a promise of a future filled with endless adventures.

This wedding, with its elegance, romance, and sheer joy, will forever remain etched in the memories of all who attended. We felt incredibly proud and honoured to have produced such a joyous and meaningful celebration of love.

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The Dream Team

Planning and Design // Living For Tomorrow

Production // D&X Events

Caterers // Truffe Noire

Flowers // Laure Lalliard Design

Photographer // Katy Webb Photography

Entertainment // Distractions Band

Venue // Private Residence


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